Workforce Profiles & Reports

When the Utah Medical Education Council (UMEC) was created in 1997 by the State Legislature, it was charged with assessing Utah’s health care workforce needs. To fullfill this charge, the UMEC periodically develops two kinds of publications – workforce reports and workforce profiles.

The UMEC conducts surveys to ascertain the number and mix of providers (physicians, advanced practice nurses, physician assistants, dentists, pharmacists, podiatrists, etc.); and to project the demand for and supply of these providers over the next two decades. The findings of these surveys are made available to the public in the form of workforce reports.

Workforce profiles combine existing data from various sources to provide a ‘snapshot’ view of the diverse health care professionals in the state. The data are used to provide a profile of the current workforce in select health care professions. The profiles include demographic, geographic and employment distribution of the workforce in Utah. Copies of both the workforce reports and workforce profiles are available to the public and can be downloaded by clicking on the link(s) below. Hard copy(s) can be obtained by contacting Julie Olson at or by calling (801)526-4550.

Please visit the Nursing Workforce Information Center for APRN and RN Workforce Reports.

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