The Utah TEAM Workforce Model

This is an ongoing collaborative project between the UMEC, Utah AHEC and many collaborating partners. Additional materials will be added as they are produced. Please contact Sydney Groesbeck, Informaticist at the Health Workforce Information Center, (HWIC) with questions or interest in collaboration.

Current work is focused on three aims:

  1. load the model with available data sources
  2. Validate model inputs with real world observational studies
  3. Assess usability of the tool with users.

An inital working model with a user interface can be found at

Background on IBM Health Corps engagement October 15- November 2, 2018

GitHub Page for modeling tool produced by the IBM Health Corp Engagment

Chronic, Acute and Preventive services example data included in the prototype model

IBM Data Flow Diagram

IBM authored technical documentation for the analytical model

IBM documentation of the data inputs and calculations for the model

Data flow diagram authored by the UMEC on the analytical model code that IBM wrote

IBM Authored User Interface Design Artifacts

Magill, M.K., & Ruttinger, C. (2019). A new approach to modeling primary healthcare workforce needs: using data to improve planning and allocation of state resources to respond to population health needs in Utah. Presentation at 15th Annual AAMC Health Workforce Research Conference, Alexandria, VA May 3, 2019

Magill M.K., & Ruttinger, C. (2019). Primary Healthcare Workforce Planning in the Era of Patient-Centered Team-based Healthcare Delivery: Time for a Comprehensive, Integrated, Responsive, and Adaptable Framework. Presentation at Utah Area Health Education Centers 4th Annual Primary Care Summit, Salt Lake City, Utah October 18th, 2019

Inter-professional Teams, Productivity, and Implications for Long-term Projections- Samuel D. Allen, MST, 2012